The Scariest Games For PS4 And Xbox One

It is the season of scares so what better time than now to look at some of the scariest games of this console generation! If you love your games to be creepy, make you jump and be scared to play them in the dark, this is the list for you!



Until Dawn

Until Dawn is one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives, but for some reason, it never gets mentioned when people talk about the best exclusives for the console. Until Dawn is a really cool game that is about a group of friends who are staying in a large mansion up in the snowy mountains. They are staying here after two of their friends mysteriously disappeared a year earlier.

They are having a good time, drinking, partying and so on when things go bad…. Like really bad. You play Until Dawn from the point of view of many different characters and you will have to make decisions that will shape the story, relationships between the characters and even who survives. What is really cool is the way it starts off like a slasher movie, but then takes a supernatural turn!



Resident Evil VII


Many people felt that after Resident Evil 4 the series lost its horror roots and became more of a series that was about action. Step in Resident Evil VII which brought the terror back to the series as well as a new first-person point of view. Resident Evil VII is drastically different from the previous games, but it is one very, very scary game. You play as a young man who is looking for his missing girlfriend. A “tip” leads him to a creepy plantation where the people who are staying there are messed up, infected and not willing to let him leave.

Words cannot say how unnerving and just downright terrifying some of the sections in Resident Evil VII are. The new first-person viewpoint makes things way more personal. Speaking of this if you have PlayStation VR you can actually play this game with it and you can ramp the scare factor up by about ten points.




Many people got into Outlast when it was offered as a free PlayStation Plus game. It was supported with a new chapter and a sequel, but not many gamers were prepared for the level of fear the original Outlast offered. Outlast offers you three choices when it comes to its gameplay. You can either run, hide or die! You have no way to defend yourself and even if you did it would not be enough for what is waiting for you.

The story of Outlast is actually really cool. You are an investigative journalist who has been sent to check out a mental asylum as there is something “odd” going on. Well saying odd is a major understatement as all hell has broken loose inside here and the inmates are running the asylum. While having a bunch of psychopaths chasing you down is bad enough, that really is the least of your worries. You need to use your camera’s light to see and if you are getting chased you better find a place to hide and pray that they do not find you! Outlast is one of those games that keeps you on edge the whole time you are playing it.




Soma is a game that from a gameplay point of view is kind of like Outlast. You really are not going to be doing much if any fighting back in Soma. Instead, you will be required to either outsmart the things that want you dead or you will have to run away and hide! One of the things that makes Soma really cool is the setting. Soma takes place in a research center that is under the ocean and this setting makes things extra tense.

Something has gone very wrong. The staff are turning on each other, the AI has gone nuts and there is the talk of “creatures” roaming the halls. You need to discover what has gone wrong, find other survivors and try to get the hell out of here before the AI sees you as a threat and decides that you need to be taken down. If you like your horror to have a bit of a sci-fi edge, you are going to really love Soma.





Bloodborne was actually one of the early PS4 exclusive games. If you have heard of the Dark Souls games, Bloodborne is in that same kind of series, but it is more horror based than any of the Souls games. Bloodborne is hard as nails, but one of the things that will keep you coming back is how dark, gothic and scary everything in the game is. This is the stuff of nightmares and it is very, very well done. You will be one second admiring a creepy looking building then fighting off some creepy looking dog thing the next!

There is a ton of combat in Bloodborne, more than any other game on this list. But the combat is a lot of fun and really brutal in the amount of violence that you will be having to do. Not only that the deaths you will have (which will be a lot!) are very gruesome as well. The difficulty actually makes Bloodborne a game that will get its hooks even deeper in you as you really do feel great when you finally get past a section that has been causing your trouble for a while.



Slender: The Arrival


The whole Slender Man thing was huge for a few years and it actually spawned a couple of games including this terrifying one here, Slender: The Arrival. Slender: The Arrival is a first-person horror game and it is made with the help of the creator of Slender Man so that is really cool. The whole setting of Slender: The Arrival is very scary. You are looking for your friend, but when you get to her house the door is open and the house is a mess….. plus there are really creepy drawings on the walls. You find some information about what may have happened to her, but you need to survive yourself!

The goal of Slender: The Arrival is to find eight pages of a book and your friend. The way that the game uses Slender Man is very clever. He will appear at the most random of time and it is very scary. While it is scary when he appears right in front of you, it is even scarier when you catch him just out of the corner of your eye. Oh, and by the way, Slender Man is not the only thing that is going to be coming after you in this game! You can even play this in VR if you are brave enough.




Ok so this is a bit of a cruel tease as if you do not already have this on your PS4 there is no way to play it, but P.T is one of the scariest “games” you will ever encounter. This is a playable teaser for the canceled Silent Hills game. You wake up in a very creepy room, you open the door and you are in a house. You can only go from one end of the house to the other and then you are back in the room you woke up in. For such a small area to move around in. There is some messed up stuff in this house!

You will need to interact with the environment and pay attention to what is happening. You are on edge the whole time you move through the house and P.T is one of those games where it is actually just as much fun to watch someone else play and get scared as it is to play yourself. If you cannot play P.T it is well worth watching someone else play it on YouTube.

Written by: Courteous Pereira

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