Dragalia Lost Crosses $16 Million in Revenue in its First Week of Release

Dragalia Lost, Nintendo’s newest mobile game, had a slow start in sales revenue. This may be due to the reason that brand new IP was used instead of using a recognizable Nintendo character or franchise. The game launched only in North America and Japan, this made the larger mobile gaming markets were left out.

In spite of all the shortcomings of the game at launch, it has somehow managed to pick up steam.  Sensor Tower has reported that in two weeks, the game has managed to gross $16 million. Which means that in the US, the game is now actually outpacing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp covered $10 million during the same time period.

Of course, it is still far behind Fire Emblem Heroes, which at this point in time had made $34 million. But again, Fire Emblem Heroes had the benefit of being a Fire Emblem game, and get a global launch. Only time can tell how successful this game will be in the coming future.


Written by: Courteous Pereira

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