Assassin’s Creed Story Breakdown

Desmond Miles an average New York bartender is apparently kidnapped by a cooperation known as the Abstergo as a test subject for their ultra modern machine called the animus.

Desmond Miles Assassin's Creed


The animus is capable of re-encoding the memories straight from the DNA as the DNA consists of the memories of not only the individual person but also their ancestors. The company is after a specific piece of memory but it can be unlocked only by reliving the events that lead to that memory.

Animus Assasins creed


Desmond is the descendant of Altair Ibn Lahad who lived in Mesyaf during the time of the 3rd crusade where there was a constant feud of power between two groups the Templars and the assassins creed brotherhood. Altair was send to the temple of Solomon to retrieve an artifact known as the fruit of Eden but due to his pride and arrogance Altair puts his brothers to danger where one of them gets killed and the other gets badly injured.

Altair Assassin's Creed


Temple treasure Assassin's Creed

Having broken the three tenants of the assassins brotherhood Altair is striped of his rank by the leader of the assassins creed brotherhood Al Mualem and sent on a mission of redemption where he has to assassinate 9 men who were evil and reigning terror in their respective lands.

Al Mualem Assassin's Creed



Assassination no 1 : Tamir of Damascus

Tamir of Damascus Assassin's Creed

An arms merchant selling weapons to both sides. Before he died he said that he was just a piece of the whole picture and the others wont be happy about his death.

Assassination no 2 : Talal of Jerusalem

Tamir Assassin's Creed

Talal was a slave trader who was keeping people against their will. Before he died he said that all his captives were disabled people and those who were unacceptable in the society and he was merely trying to protect them.

Assassination no 3 : Garnier de Nablus

Garnier de Nablus Assassin's Creed

A crusader conduction alchemical experiments on the sick. Before he died he referred to his patients as children as they were mentally ill and no one would take care for them

Assassination no 4 : The merchant king Abu al Nakoud

He is guilty of stealing the money meant to fund the war. Before he died he said that he couldn’t finance a war for the same god that calls him an abomination

Assassination no 5 : William of Montferrat

A paranoid knight trying to betray the crusaders. Before he died he told that Altairs actions would rather damn the people of the holy land than to save them because they had no idea on how to live.


Assassination no : 6 Majjid Addin

A cruel tyrant terrorizing the land of Jerusalem. Before he died Altair asked him what is the reason for the killing of the people for which he replied that killed people for his pleasure and because he could do it.

Assassination no : 7 Jubair al Hakim

The chief scholar of Saladin who was gathering and burning all the books in the city of Jerusalem Before he died he said that books made people blind from the reality and hence had to be destroyed

Assassination no : 8 Miester Sibrand

The leader of the Tutonic Knights Knowing that his assassination was near he even used to kill the priests because they dressed the same was as assassins. Before his death he confessed that he was Templar as was merely following orders

Assassination no : 9 Robert de sable

The grand master of the Templars and the arch enemy of the assassins creed brotherhood Before he died he said that all the men that Altair had killed were members of the Templars and the Templar heads were 10 not 9 the tenth being al mualem the leader of the assassins creed.


After realizing that al mualem was using him for the mere purpose of wiping all the other who could possibly fight for the possession of the artifact of Eden Altair returns to mesyaf to settle the score once and for all where he sees that al mualem had controlled all the people using the power of the artifact.


But Altair was somehow immune to the effects of the artifact and manages to kill him gaining possession of the artifact which inturn gives him the location of the other artifacts spread all over the world.

It was this piece of information that the Abstergo corp needed and they asked to dispose of Desmond as soon as possible but Lucy Stillman the assistant resists this by telling them that they must keep him for at least a day to double check on all the information that they have gathered Desmond returns to his room where hes able to use Altair’s eagle vision to see markings on the wall by the previous captives in the room.


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