Call of Duty (2003)

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Call of Duty (2003)

After 14 years of its first debut Call of Duty is more like a yearly phenomenon. The game consists of its short story campaign and a multiplayer mode which makes up for most of the time you spend playing this game.
The game was developed by Infinity Ward using an enhanced version of the Id Tech 3 Game engine developed for the Quake 3 Arena 

During the time of its release the industry was filled with WWII based games with some good titles like Battlefield 1942. But call of duty had a trick at its sleeve which was the introduction of AI controlled team mates sticking to call of duty’s main motto which is that we don’t fight alone . Even though this was a good idea these guys were stupid and pretty much just acted as human shields and rarely take out an actual enemy.


The gameplay is basic as the other games, you can’t survive a headshots but you can take a few shots to the body. There is no self healing like in the modern shooter but medkits are placed conveniently at different areas of the game and are also occasionally dropped by the enemies that you kill and each medkit provides 25 health points.

The campaign levels can’t be considered easy to play and if you just run towards the enemy like an idiot you will get killed within seconds. And when you pump up the difficulty to the top levels it gets challenging but with auto save feature they don’t get frustrating as you can always start from the latest save point.

The game consists of a constant movement speed as you can run or walk, although crouching makes you move slightly slower. The player can carry two main weapons, a pistol and also grenades. The ideal choice being a sniper for long range and a fully automatic machine gun for close quarter combat.

The game gives a variety of missions including high speed vehicle missions and also levels you can blow up tanks and aircrafts and all kinds of stuff, i mean that’s the whole point of military shooters right.


Although there is no definitive story you randomly play an American soldier Private Martin, a British soldier Sargent Jack Evans and a soviet soldier Corporal Alexi Ivanovich. All the missions are based on real life operations carried out during the WWII although ofcourse there is a mild pinch of fiction to make the story more character based.


Even with the presence of other WWII based shooters at its time Call of duty tried to bring something new with the inclusion of AI based team mates and bringing a concept that no one fights alone which has always been what call of duty is all about. The overall feel of the game is rock solid and it has got a smooth gameplay and also one of the best graphics of its time. Thats why i dont hesitate to give this a game a 9 out of 10


Written by: Courteous Pereira

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